Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Forthcoming: Kendra Norman-Bellamy - Battle of Jericho

Kendra Norman-Bellamy
Battle of Jericho
March 25, 2008
Peter Jericho has spent most of his adult life living for God and serving his country as one of the few proud Marines. Just before getting the orders for his third assignment in Iraq, his once solid marriage, suddenly takes a turn for the worse, prompting his wife, Jan, and their twelve-year-old daughter, Kyla, to leave their family home on the Marine base in Twenty-Nine Palms, CA and permanently relocate to Atlanta, GA to live with Jan's mother in an infamous community called Shelton Heights. Peter loves the Lord, but when his calamity increases, will his faith decrease?
As his latest tour of duty nears an end, he decides that it is the perfect time to say goodbye to military life and focus on reclaiming the family he loves so dearly. His plans are abruptly interrupted when Peter finds himself a captured prisoner of war. Survival doesn't seem likely for Master Sergeant Peter Kyle Jericho, and he finds himself in the battle of a lifetime. How his life spiraled to this point, Peter can't comprehend. All he knows it that all was well until that day in September when his wife decided to pay her mother a visit. Are all of the peculiar misfortunes that led to the break up of his family and his capture in Iraq just happenstance, or has the legend of Shelton Heights caught up with yet another unsuspecting family?

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