Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Forthcoming: Like Never Before by Sylvia Lett

Sylvia Lett
Like Never Before
April 1, 2008

The shortest distance between two hearts is love...
...or so thought Danielle Roberts and Greg Thomas when they were starry-eyed law students planning a future together. But harsh reality—in the form of Greg's ambition and Danielle's interfering father—soon put them on very different paths. Years later, Danielle's professional life is in perfect order; her personal life is a different story. Nothing's been right since Greg left without saying goodbye. But would she take him back if she had the chance? It's time to find out...
A little older and a lot wiser, Greg realizes what he walked away from and doesn't plan to do it again: he's back in Dallas to sweep Danielle off her feet and down the aisle. Still, in spite of chemistry that sizzles more than ever, he'll have to handle his soul mate with care. She's twice shy, thanks to him—but there's something more behind the wall Danielle's built around her heart...a secret that wasn't there before...
Now, as defenses are dropped and deepest truths revealed, everything is about to change. When the smoke clears, will love remain?

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