Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Forthcoming - Brooke Green - You, Me, and He

Brooke Green
You, Me, and He
April 22, 2008

You've heard the stories of women throwing in the towel after learning their men are on the down low . You, Me, and He takes a look at what happens when the women choose to stay while dealing with issues of trust, honesty, disease and the betrayal of those closest to them.

Donna believes she has found her ideal man in Keith Reed. He's smart, handsome and, most importantly, financially stable. But, there is one catch, he's bisexual. Donna decides to stand by her man after making him promise to be faithful to her and only her. Fearful of starting a new relationship in the age of the down low man, Donna feels it is the smart thing to do. In her eyes, there is no guessing about Keith's sexuality, she knows exactly who and what he is.

Keith Reed is the kind of man most women dream of marrying. And, he has found the perfect woman in Donna who is willing to stay with him despite his sexuality. Keith's world is shaken when his past is set to be exposed to the world. To top it off, he must contend with Jarrod, his former college roommate, who is relentless in attaining his goal of having Keith to himself.
Jarrod is a successful lawyer, who, in spite of being married with a baby on the way, is consumed with pursuing Keith. Jarrod's fixation leads to his hatred of the one person he believes is standing in the way of his relationship with Keith, Donna. Tired of being rejected and after learning Keith betrayed him, Jarrod's infatuation turns into a campaign to expose Keith's closeted life.


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