Monday, April 14, 2008

The Forthcoming - Capone - Marked

April 15, 2008
Take the decision of loyalty as seen in True to the Game added with the gritty dealings in Deadly Reigns, and you've got MARKED by Capone! The new hype in Street Lit. In a city filled with pimps, players, and hustlers everyone is always looking for their next mark. With turmoil on the rise, the streets of Detroit become anything but safe when Deluxe, a natural warrior is lured into the family business by the cities most notorious gangster, his uncle Gator. After an unsuspecting incident, Deluxe learns quickly that his violent skills have the potential to make him a lot of money. However, when Yasmine, a manipulative woman who uses what she got to get what she wants, enters his life, the focus becomes distorted, and threatens the success of Gator s operation. Soon, the streets of Detroit become a full-fledged war zone, and it s open season on any and everyone. Meanwhile, Deluxe falls deeper into Yasmin s seduction, and offers him something no other woman ever has. Torn between the life he wants to live and his loyalty to his uncle, Deluxe crosses the line when taking on his new mark.

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