Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Forthcoming: Carla Fredd - The Perfect Man

Carla Fredd
The Perfect Man
Available Now!
Alexandria, Renee and Danielle are three very different women with one thing in common: their late husband!
Even a woman blessed with a genius IQ can make a dumb mistake, and for Renee Foster, marrying Marc was exactly that. Although she's eager to forget her past, first Renee needs Marc's brother, FBI agent Chris Foster, to help her locate a missing necklace. It seems like a simple plan, yet Renee soon realizes that nothing about Chris is simple. Unlike other men, he's not intimidated by her intelligence, and he sees past her aloof manner to the home-loving, passionate person she truly is. But Chris refuses to settle down-and Renee won't settle for less than she needs, even if that means walking away from the perfect man....



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