Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Forthcoming: Keshia Dawn - By The Grace Of God

Keshia Dawn
By The Grace Of God
Available June 24, 2008

When Gracie's fiancé, Dillian, suddenly, and without warning, walks out of her life leaving no indication as to why and then cuts off all lines of communication with her, she is left devastated and confused. She agonizes over his disappearing act, mainly because she just wants to know why. She feels she at least deserves that much. But when Gracie finally finds the answer she's been looking for, the betrayal and secrets involved turns her life upside down.


Even with the support of her family and friends, Gracie's emotions go from bad to worse once she realizes that Dillian is not the only link to the line of betrayal. It's then, by the grace of God, that Gracie is able to search for the strength to weather the storm, but will she be able to find it through all the thick dark clouds?


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Thank you Radiah for posting! Awesome! Blessings!

Keshia Dawn