Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Forthcoming: Mary Monroe - She Had It Coming

Mary Monroe
She Had It Coming
August 26, 2008!

New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe delivers a powerful and provocative new novel about one woman's search for love in a world where secrets don't always stay hidden, friends don't always have our backs, and the choices we make in one rash moment can change everything...

If there's one thing Dolores Reese knows, it's how to keep a secret. It's a skill she learned early in life, watching her best friend Valerie Proctor do whatever it took to protect her family from her violent stepfather. Back then, Dolores was in foster care-just like Floyd Watson, a local boy who intrigues Dolores from the moment they meet. Even in high school, Dolores knows with certainty that she and Floyd are soul mates. When one bad decision sends an innocent Floyd to prison for life, Dolores pays clandestine visits and-out of a mix of love and pity-promises to stick by him.

While Floyd's world stands still, Dolores's horizons open up in exciting new ways when she lands a position working for a cruise line. There, she meets Paul Dunne, an accomplished businessman who promises her the kind of future she's always wanted-the kind she once imagined having with Floyd. Dolores is sure she can continue to visit Floyd without revealing that she's now married to another man. But when Floyd is suddenly freed on new evidence, Dolores is torn and makes a fateful decision-to live a double lie, devoting herself to two different husbands in two different cities.

With Valerie as her confidante and accomplice, Dolores hopes to pull off the ultimate deception. But into this risky situation comes another man, one Dolores can't resist. And if she isn't careful, Dolores just might find out what happens when love, dishonesty, and dangerous jealousy collide...

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