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NEW REVIEW: Pynk - Sexaholics

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Miki, Valencia, Teela, and Brandi are four women that have one thing in common: sex addiction. They are all members of Sexaholics Anonymous and are trying to become better people before they self-destruct. But is it already too late? Miki can’t get enough...having multiple trysts with different men. Miki might have more than she bargained when one of her men puts her in a dangerous situation. Valencia is engaged to be married, but she still likes to indulge in sexual relations with women. Will she be able to stop this behavior for her pending nuptials? Teela loves being a voyeur and so does her boyfriend. Teela loves to pick out women and share them with her man. Things turn for the worse when Teela suspects that her boyfriend is seeing a woman without her. Brandi’s freaky ways come out at night when she has various one night stands. Her secret life threatens to spill over into her professional life, which could prove to be costly.

Sexaholics is a sexy thrill ride by Pynk. Pynk once again brought a spicy novel full of steamy sex, but this story is so much more than that. Sexaholics delves into how destructive sex addiction is. All of these women made the first move as far as acknowledging that they have a problem, but they still have a long way to go. With this story, Pynk shows that sex addiction is just as damaging as alcohol and drugs. The author also did an excellent job with providing very realistic conclusions for each of these women’s stories. Sexaholics is sexy and thought-provoking.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert for Urban Reviews

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