Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NEW REVIEW: T.R. Braxton - Dirty Hands

Dirty HandsT.R. Braxton -
Dirty Hands -
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It’s Saturday night, and Terrell Hawkins, his cousin and his best friend set out to have a good time. What they didn’t bargain for is a fatal accident and a potential missing person. They respond to the accident in the worse way possible. As they struggle to avoid the police, fear, guilt and paranoia grabs each one and doesn’t let go. Suspicions arise, and Terrell and the others learn that dirty hands can lead to desperate accusations. In the end, when Terrell is left with his cousin, he realizes that what he thought he knew about his cousin is all wrong.

T.R. Braxton did a good job pacing the story in Dirty Hands. The novel is built with short chapters layered with action. The action continues to push the story and has the reader quickly turning page after page. The font leaves much to be desired. I believe its Times New Roman size 8, much too small for this reader’s eyes. All in all, Dirty Hands is a good read for readers looking for a fast paced diversion.
Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews
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