Sunday, September 25, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Nancey Flowers and Courtney Parker- He Was My Man First

Nancey Flowers and Courtney Parker
He Was My Man First
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3.5 out of 5 books

Valentine Daye was introduced to tragedy and loss early in life but was saved by drug lord, Columbo. Fate intervenes upon the demise of Columbo and his crew when one of Columbo’s street runners named Rich saves Valentine once again. These two forge a bond, and love blossoms while they grow together financially as well as spiritually. Rich is pursuing a career in fashion when his path crosses with Vanessa Knight, an heiress accustomed to getting all that she desires. Unfortunately for Valentine, Ms. Vanessa Knight has her heart transfixed on Rich, and is bent, bound and determined that he will be her arm candy.

Valentine is used to being the diva, but when her throne is threatened, will she reach back to her roots and let the ‘home girl’ in her past resurface and handle it? Vanessa knows that money talks, but will the almighty dollar bill be enough, or will she actually have to get up and move like somebody to take her man? Valentine says, "Rich was my man first," but will the love and loyalty be enough to keep Rich’s shoes under her bed or will he follow the smell of that candy apple green? Although the storyline in He Was My Man First isn’t original, the orchestration of the plot had a good flow. The authors did a good job in developing characters with interesting traits. There are quite a few surprising twists in this read, so you will definitely be entertained with He Was My Man First.

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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