Friday, September 30, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Nakia R Laushaul - Running From Solace

Nakia R. Laushaul 
Running From Solace
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5 out of 5 books

I have to admit, I was kind of skeptical when I saw nothing but 5-star reviews posted on But when I was given this book to read, I was instantly drawn into the story from the very first page.

From a very young age, Naomi was abused in ways that scarred her for life. Naomi was taken away from her mother and raised in foster homes. She suffered from night terrors for years from the abuse inflicted upon her. Naomi grows up to work for Child Protective Services with the intent to help other children and be a voice for those abused and neglected.

Married to a handsome and God-fearing man, Naomi knows that she has found the one man who she loves beyond measure. Unfortunately, she is afraid of telling him about her past, so she keeps it from him, scared that he would reject her if he knew that she was "damaged." But in the process of doing that, she is pushing him away. Naomi is called into a local school with a suspected case of child abuse. Never did Naomi ever suspect that this particuliar case would change her life and force her to face the demons of her past.

Running From Solace by Nakia R. Laushaul was a phenomenal debut novel. Ms. Laushaul does a wonderful job in making the reader connect to the characters and expressing raw emotion. Every reader is sure to feel many emotions ranging from anger, disgust and for some even dredging up real pain from their own past. If I did not know better, I would really think this was one woman's true life account of her life. To know that this is just a work of fiction is shocking because it is so true-to-life. This by far is my favorite read for 2011 and may just very well be one of the best books I have ever read! Running From Solace is an absolute must read!

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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Unknown said...

I don't do well with child abuse books which is why I was very hesitant on adding it to our 2012 BOTM reads. But the book club really wanted to read it so I gave in.

You made this read sound like something I want to read now instead of waiting for our October read as a book club....Great review thanks