Sunday, March 04, 2012

NEW REVIEW: Tyora Moody - When Rain Falls

Tyora Moody
When Rain Falls
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4 out of 5 books

At a young age, Candace Johnson witnessed her mother being murdered. As time passed, she learned how to deal with her grief. She met and married Detective Frank Johnson. With their two children, Candace thought she had finally put her nightmares behind her. That was until her husband was killed in the line of duty. Now widowed, Candace leaned on her children, and best friend, Pamela Coleman, for support. Right when Candace was picking up the pieces and trying to get her life back on track after her husband's death, her best friend, Pamela, was killed. Throughout all the tragedies that have occurred in Candace's life, will she be able to move on?

Recently divorced Detective Darnell Jackson recently relocated from California and was in need of a new start. He partnered up with Frank Johnson's former partner, Steven Brunson, to handle the murder investigation of Pamela Coleman. He soon finds out that his new partner is a hot head, and basically leaves Darnell to investigate the case alone. Since being assigned to this investigation, Darnell finds out that this case may be more than he can handle because Pamela is the daughter of a high-powered judge. When Darnell goes to question Candace about her best friend, sparks start to fly between them. Darnell will soon learn that you cannot let the conflict of interest get the best of you.

When Rain Falls is an interesting read by Tyora Moody. It has a lot of suspense, twists, and turns. But it also has a Christian feel to it. In this book, each of the main characters deal with some life-changing experiences, and they will question God as to why this is happening to them. Throughout the book, you will be on the edge of your seat. There is an interesting plot to this story. At some point, you will read the main character, Candace, praying and trying to gain enough strength to find out what happened to her best friend. I am normally not a reader of mystery/suspense novels. However, while reading When Rain Falls, it was hard for me to put it down because I wanted to know who the killer was. And when you find out who it is, it'll definitely surprise you. This story is a good book to start off with as your first mystery novel. When Rain Falls is not predictable at all, and as you read will see why. 

Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews

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