Thursday, December 20, 2012

NEW REVIEW: Dream Jordan - Bad Boy

Dream Jordan
Bad Boy
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5 out of 5 books

All Kate ever wanted was to be loved & to love. Growing up in a group home for girls, all that Kate ever had to do was fight for her light. She had to tell these girls who was boss somehow. That was until Kate was brought in by The Johnsons. The Johnsons loved Kate and Kate loved them back. While living with them, Kate left her old habits behind with the help of The Johnsons and her social worker, Tisha. Tisha helped Kate realize that she was going to survive any hardship no matter what because she is a survivor.

After a year of living with The Johnsons, Kate found herself back at a group home. She found herself putting up with crap from her roommates because she was the new girl. As much as Kate wanted to, she wasn't going to let these girls break her or make her . Kate's peace of mind came back to her after she met Percy, or at least she thought. Percy put Kate through misery, and all Kate wanted was to please him. Soon she realized it was her time to leave him, but leaving would not be easy.

I liked Bad Boy by Dream Jordan because it told a story that not every girl could relate to but could learn from.  Bad Boy was a very good book; There were no spelling mistakes & you could understand what was happening clearly.  I give "Bad Boy" a 5 star rating. :)

Reviewed by Tabitha Graves for Urban Reviews

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