Sunday, March 01, 2020

New Review : All the Things I Should Have Known: Tiffany L. Warren

     5 out of 5 books

Three 40-something friends are very successful in their careers and are enjoying what life has to offer them. The only thing that they're missing is a love of their own. Hahna owns her own data consulting firm that she’s built from the ground up. When she meets an aspiring author name Sam, she wonder if he is the man that she’s looking for. Kimberly is an attorney who has developed her own line of hair care products. Kimberly is caught off guard when she catches the eye of a young man name Shawn. Will she take the plunge? Twila is a successful cosmetic dentist. She becomes intrigued when this hot Instagram model Marcus walks into her office. Will she see what he has to offer?

All the Things I Should Have Known by Tiffany L. Warren is a fun book about the dating adventures of professional women in their 40s. Readers will find that these characters are very relatable. You might find some characteristics of these women in people that you know. The story is full of humor and shocking moments that you won’t see coming. This is a perfect book club pick because it will spark a lively discussion. All the Things That I Should Have Known is a clear winner for Tiffany L. Warren.

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