Thursday, February 08, 2024

New Review : Recipe For Disaster : Montoya Epperson


3.5 out of 5 books

Jasper and David are two broken people who lost everything because of love. Jasper is a successful caterer who is trying to build her brand by gaining a big contract with a successful business. Without the support of her parents and an old friend who seemed to be one step ahead of her attempting to sabotage her efforts, she is overwhelmed. David is a former heir to a billion-dollar corporation. He gave up his fortune for the love of the wrong woman. His father needs him back in the family business although his brothers are a bit reluctant. Jasper and David meet and fall in love, but their pasts and fears threaten to ruin their chance at happiness.

RECIPE FOR DISASTER is a realistic and slow-burn romance. There is strong character development, and I like the element of suspense. The characters are flawed and broken but together Jasper and David can grow. Filled with conflict and drama that would cause anyone to want to give up, Jasper and David remain resilient and work towards receiving success. And the chemistry between them is smoldering. I recommend this book to others.

          Reviewed by Paula Allen 

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