Thursday, February 08, 2024

New Review : Soldiers of Love: Beautiful Scars : N'Tyse & Untamed

4 out of 5 books

Liberty and Zion started out as a young couple throughout their childhood. However, Liberty and Zion will soon find out that the road to romance can be bumpy. Fast forward to years later and Liberty is now a married woman with a family. Her life with her husband is good and the memories Zion is long gone. Zion still regrets that he let Liberty get away. But now that he desperately needs her help, how will Liberty respond?

N’Tyse and Untamed did a good job with Soldiers of Love: Beautiful Scars. This is a story about a young love affair  that started from elementary and well into high school. However, readers will find out that this is not your typical love story. Zion and Liberty are literally joined at the hip and it's good to see how their relationship matures as they grow up. But again, this is not your typical love story which will foster interesting discussions between readers and book clubs. The 90’s backdrop gives this book the right dose of nostalgia.  Soldiers of Love: Beautiful Scars is a fun and entertaining read by N’Tyse and Untamed.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

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