Friday, January 06, 2006

What do Master P & Jerry Rice Have In Common?

I guess you're wondering why I ask that question.

Well, if you saw Dancing With The Stars tonight, you'd know exactly what I'm talking about.

Trust me, I do not usually watch this, but as I was flipping the channels, I saw Master P doing the CHA CHA with some woman! And to make matters worst, the song the two of them were dancing to was a Jackson 5 song! WTF? Jackson 5 and doing the CHA CHA do not mix (and i'm not talking about that hideous Cha Cha Slide, people).

I couldn't believe Jerry Rice (the former NFL player) was on there dancing the CHA CHA too! But at least his dancing was convincing. Master P looked like a stiff log! I mean, really...if Master P's son Romeo dropped out of the competition....that should tell you something!

Did anybody else see this catastrophe? Luckily he got the worst score from the show's judges and probably won't be back next week after they get the votes from people who phone in their votes. But I don't even plan on 'accidentally' running into this fiasco again!

Going to bed now....Leave your comments! Nite Nite!


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