Monday, November 05, 2007

The Forthcoming: Darnella Ford - Naked Love

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Darnella Ford
Naked Love
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Thirty-two year old Adrian Cage has just jumped from the roof of the Landmark II building in downtown Chicago. With only twenty eight floors to work with, she has less than 60 seconds to tell you the story of her life.
Adrian has lived a life filled with breathtaking passion-but also deepest sorrow. Raised by her eccentric father until his senseless death, she fell into the hands of her cruel and merciless grandmother. Yet miraculously Adrian grows into a hopeful young woman who expresses her innermost feelings through her dream of being an artist. When she meets and falls in love with the wealthy Michael Keifer Cage, her life at last seems complete...but is it only an illusion?
Adrian's dream life quickly turns into a nightmare. Michael becomes a workaholic who sees their relationship as a formality. Her young son is "emotionally disturbed,"and Adrian stops feeling much of anything. Until a "gifted" music teacher enters her shuttered life.and she begins to live again.

An evocative and poignant tale of longing, love, and betrayal, Darnella Ford is back with her fiercest novel yet.


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