Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Curtis L. Alcutt - Sins of a Siren

Curtis L. Alcutt
Sins of a Siren
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3.5 out of 5 books

As a teen, Trenda Fuqua thought she had it rough at home. With an overprotective father and a family so religious, she rebelled against the things her parents tried to instill in her. Tired of the life she lived, she took matters into her own hands and ran away from home. Trenda turns to the streets and does the one thing that she knows her family would disprove of: she becomes a drug runner. Making money hand over fist, she becomes very good at what she does.

Darius Kain is a crooked cop who sets up Trenda to take the fall for stolen goods from a Jamaican drug lord. Darius has a thing for the beautiful Trenda and her firey red hair. Unbeknownst to him, Trenda records a heated session between the two that also incriminates some of his shady dealings. When the tape falls into the wrong hands, it launches an internal investigation within his police department. Darius is determined to shut Trenda's mouth for good since he knows that if she is put on trial, it will ruin his career. The problem is that Trenda is no where to be found. Trenda is literally on the run for her life. With a drug lord, a crooked cop and even someone from her past all searching for her, Trenda knows she's as good as dead.

Sins of a Siren by Curtis L. Alcutt was a very good read. A story laced with plenty of action packed scenes and a lot of erotic sex that will have your pleasure zone thumping from the heat. Unfortunately, there was a bit too much sex, and I would have liked to see more background on Trenda and a few other characters. There were also a few scenes within the novel that were a little too convenient. Nevertheless, Mr. Alcutt writes a good story that is sure to have any reader flipping the pages, wondering how this story will play out. Mr. Alcutt is one of those authors that can delve into any genre and come up with great story-line. From Bullets & Ballads to Black Widow and the Sandman by L.L. Reaper (which he co-authored), this is one author that readers should really be keeping an eye on.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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