Wednesday, November 09, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Ericka K. F. Simpson - Reality Check

Ericka K. F. Simpson
Reality Check: Sometimes One Dose of Reality Isn't Enough
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4 out of 5 books

Suzanne Tucker knew deep down in her heart that her husband Ellis was cheating, and it was confirmed when Ellis confessed in a drunken daze. Soon, Ellis moves out and ultimately moves in with his mistress. Suzanne wants her husband back and is determined to win him back at any cost.

Quinton, a co-worker has been eyeing Suzanne for the longest, but due to the fact that rumors had it that Quinton was sleeping with the boss, Suzanne never gave him the time of day; that is, until a night out with the girls. Quinton claims he is a man of God, but his one downfall is women. Abstaining from sex is the one thing he fails short of. Suzanne thinks that Quinton is just like the rest of the men out there: a liar and a cheat. So she decides to use Quinton as a pawn to make Ellis jealous. She eventually gives Ellis an proposition that he would be a fool to refuse.

As far as Suzanne's career as a journalist, she decides to take a step in a different direction. She begins to report some "real" news on what is really going on around town. She starts up an anonymous blog and with the topics she is discussing, it becomes a quick success. Then Suzanne takes the blogging a little too far and in doing so, incriminates herself in something that turns into something bigger than she could have ever imagined. It's so big that it may have her lose even more than she bargained for.

Reality Check: Sometimes One Dose of Reality Isn't Enough by Ericka K.F. Simpson was a very good debut novel. Reality Check is a story of love, hurt, betrayal, friendship and murder. It also has a little bit of Christian Fiction thrown into the mix. There are lot of great quotes and underlying messages within the pages of this novel. It grabs you from the very first page and keeps you gripped until the very last. It will have you shaking your head at times and thinking, "Is she really this stupid or just plain crazy?" Aside from some minor editing issues, I had a hard time believing that everyone in her hometown would be reading this particular blog, especially with so many blogs on the internet that everyone just happened to be reading hers. I normally do not like sequels, but considering that Ms. Simpson came with a nice thick novel, I would like to see a sequel so I can find out how these characters are doing or what is going to happen with them next. Looking forward to your next novel, Ms. Simpson.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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