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NEW REVIEW: Various Authors - Nikki Turner Presents Street Chronicles: A Woman's Work

Various Authors
Nikki Turner Presents Street Chronicles: A Woman's Work
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5 out of 5 books

I was very excited to be reading this collaboration of short stories. Nikki Turner Presents Street Chronicles: A Woman's Work is a comprised of four different authors with short stories that cover the topic of drugs, jail, escort service, and many others. I will pick two of my favorite short stories and give a review on them overall.

“Star”- Keisha Starr

Melissa was a PK (preacher’s kid) who grew up in a strict Christian household with rules she was required to follow. Melissa had a beautiful voice and dreamed of making it big by joining the up-and-coming R&B group, Pretty in Pink, but her parents would not allow her to give the church a bad look by participating in ungodly activities. Melissa continuously refused to follow rules in her parent’s house. When she is caught in a web of lies, she is given a choice to either abide by the rules or leave. Melissa chooses to leave and reality begins to set up. Melissa realizes that not everyone has her best interest at heart. Melissa is used, abused, and mistreated and soon becomes known in the industry as a washed up groupie. Melissa hits rock bottom and given a death sentence that will have lasting effects on her life forever. Will Melissa change her life and decide to make the right choices instead of the wrong ones, or is Melissa just a lost cause?

“Southern Girl Escort Service”- Lakesa Cox

Abie was one of the top escorts working at Southern Girl Escort Service; she was a beautiful, young lady who also serves as a recruiter to bring girls into the establishment. Abie had been around a long time and knew she was the cash cow at the Escort service. The mysterious madam only communicated with the girls via telephone. No one had ever seen the boss, and Abie devises a plan to get what she feels is entitled to her. With big plans, Abie and her boyfriend Scoot plan to extort money from the Madam. If she didn't comply with Abie’s demand, then her real identity would be revealed. Things don’t go as planned and ultimate consequences lie ahead for Abie and Scoot. When you break the rules, what consequence should you pay? Will Abie’s plan for extortion backfire and leave her regretting her choice?

All four of the short stories in Street Chronicles: A Woman's Work were great. I was very impressed at how even though the stories were short, they packed a punched. Street Chronicles: A Woman's Work is a must read novel, hands down. Each story takes you to a different place, and you will not be disappointed at all.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews

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