Monday, January 16, 2012

NEW REVIEW: Sharon Rhodes - Family Secrets

Sharon Rhodes
Family Secrets
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4 out of 5 books

Is it true that everyone has skeletons in their closets? What would you do if a secret you have been keeping for 34 years showed up at your door? How would you find the courage to tell the important family members and friends in your life?

Sheila Robertson is coming to a great milestone in her life. 30 years serving her country in the military has come to an end as she is retiring. With her retirement party days away, all of Sheila’s family and friends arrive to congratulate her on her huge accomplishments. But as Sheila soon realizes, everyone has secrets and they are slowly being revealed one by one. On what is suppose to be one of the best days of her life, the day is slowly turning into a confessional.

Sheila is living the American Dream. She has a loving husband, two beautiful kids, and everything couldn’t be more perfect. That is, until a surprise guest arrives at Sheila’s door and her life is turned into a whirlwind. A deep, secret Sheila has kept for 34 years arrives, and now it's a matter of life and death to come clean. How will Sheila break the news to her family, and what will be the consequences and repercussions of withholding this secret for so long?

Family Secrets was a powerful read by Sharon Rhodes. I really enjoyed how the author gave so much detailed background information about each character. The book covered a variety of important topics, which includes infidelity, down low, and drug addiction. Overall, the message in Family Secrets to me was that no matter how perfect someone’s life appears to be, you never know what they have been through or what past they have endured to get where they are.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews

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