Sunday, January 15, 2012

NEW REVIEW: Winkk - Misleading

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3 out of 5 books

Misleading by Winkk is the story of Jarvis Denttin, the owner of Denttin nightclubs, an elite and prevalent nightclub. Jarvis is sexy and wealthy. He is also selfish, deceiving, andcontrolling. Jarvis has a huge appetite for sex, but he also has a devious side. Women are highly attracted to him and willing to do anything to have him.

Candance Mourton is the personal assistant to Jarvis. She caters to him to keep the money flowing so that she can live the lifestyle she wants to have. She will do whatever it takes to make it happen, including appeasing his sexual appetite daily. But is that enough?

As an executive, Jarvis has many trustworthy people working for him. His executive assistant, Jennifer Moeky, commits suicide and Michelle, his personal assistant, moves on to a better venture. Candance is her replacement. To Jarvis, money is always first and everything else falls below.

Because money dominates the life of Jarvis, he can’t see the treachery brewing around him. There are schemes developing, but will he see them in time to change the outcome? Who is behind the schemes and why? Will Jarvis stand, or will his life all apart in front of his very own eyes?

Misleading by Winkk has lust, lies and betrayal. The storyline is good, but the events and the characters within the story are totally unbelievable. The characters did things that were really far-fetched. Overall, the story in Misleading could have been more realistic.

Reviewed by Sofie for Urban Reviews

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