Sunday, November 11, 2012

NEW REVIEW: Briana Scott and Carl H. Thompson - Jasmine Absolute

Briana Scott and Carl H. Thompson - 
Jasmine Absolute - 
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4 out of 5 books

Briana Scott and Carl H. Thompson write a story of what happens when one person’s lie turns another person’s life upside down. Jasmine Absolute follows the story of Jasmine Griffin who works at an Atlanta ad agency and is beginning to make a name for herself. But when one of her co-workers decides to embellish the truth to try to advance her own career, no one would have predicted that it would lead Jasmine into a complete downward spiral.

Not only does Jasmine lose her job, her relationship ends, and her ailing uncle must now come and live with her. With no job and now an extra person to take care of, Jasmine stoops to desperate measures not only to survive but also to deal with the pain.

Briana Scott and Carl H. Thompson have written a work of fiction that takes the reader on an insider’s view of what a person might do when they feel as if they have no other options. The style that Briana and Carl used was very descriptive and seemed to have a sense of reality to it. Jasmine Absolute is a story worth reading as it is fast-paced, and it tells the type of human interest story that we all want to root for when a person is down and out but finds a way to pick themselves up and land back on top!

Reviewed by Tiffany for Urban Reviews

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