Monday, November 12, 2012

NEW REVIEW: Karen Williams - Sweet Gisele

Karen Williams
Sweet Giselle
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3 out of 5 books

Giselle had a bright future ahead of her. She had just graduated high school and was about to enjoy her summer off before heading to college. She unexpectedly experiences a loss that leaves her family in dire straights for money. Working overtime at the local restaurant is not bringing in enough money, so Giselle begins to ponder the thought of an ad that is placed on Craigslist to make a lot of money within one day. Never could she have dreamed that her life would change so drastically from that one day.

Meeting Giovanni, Giselle is shown a whole new world filled with all the lavishness that money can buy. Giovanni showers Giselle with so much love and attention. They have the perfect marriage, or so she thinks and Giovanni leads her to believe. When Giselle is kidnapped from a man that is hell bent on revenge, Giselle knows deep in her heart that the things this man is telling her about her husband cannot be true. But Giselle is soon about to find out that she never really knew the man that she married. If Giselle is to survive this kidnapping, she knows without a shadow of a doubt that things will never be the same.

Sweet Giselle by Karen Williams was a fast paced read but okay at best. There were quite a few scenes within the book that were unbelievable and had me shaking my head at times. Occasionally, the storyline moved a too fast, skipping over crucial pieces of the puzzle. Timelines were skipped and although Ms.Williams tries to close the story in a nice ending, she forgets about another character and that character's part within the story. Not to mention I was somewhat disappointed by the ending because everything just ended too tidy for a realistic ending. As an afterthought, I just want to mention the use of the word "super" was used too many times throughout the book and was a bit annoying,

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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