Thursday, November 01, 2012

NEW REVIEW: Michelle Stimpson - Falling Into Grace

Michelle Stimpson
Falling Into Grace
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5 out of 5 books

The Sweet Treats was a sweet hit in the late 90’s, and consisted of Camille, Alexis, Tonya and Kyra. They were managed by Camille’s business-minded brother, Courtney. Greed smothered Camille, which ended the group and severed her relationship with Courtney. Broke and desperate for a comeback into the industry, Camille lies and makes enemy number one while trying to secure a contract with agent John David. The first lie is the beginning of many to almost everyone in her life.
John David agrees to see her only after hearing her demo. He agrees to sign her to a contract but with stipulations. First he tells her she can sing but he agrees only to her coming back not as a Rhythm and Blues singer but as a gospel voice. And he will not promote her until she joins a mega church to become that gospel singer. Camille joins Grace Chapel and she has her eyes on the praise team. They consist of seven members with strong vocals and a fine minister of music. Desperation can bring out desperate planning, but I’ve been told that “people plan and God laughs.”
It was interesting reading Camille’s story.  She is not so unlike me or even you, watching her move closer and closer to her red sea until she is at the edge, stripped and emptied out. She finally has no choice but to kneel and call His name to part the sea. The theme is one we can all benefit from in our walk. Talent and gifts come from God, and we should use them to glorify Him. Every lie you tell will need five more to cover up the first one.
It wasn't until Camille touched spiritual reality that she finally GOT it. She had an outward experience with the Holy Spirit, but eventually she turned it around and had an inward relationship and was able to touch spiritual reality in her everyday activities. Be like Camille and have a passion for your gift in the way God ordained you to walk in it.
Falling from Grace was a fantastic spiritual journey exploding with characters in and out of church. Adults and young adults would enjoy this read and find themselves gleaning quite a bit from the characters situations.  Falling from Grace was absolutely a HIGH 5 in my opinion. Ms. Stimpson has won her very own spot on my shelf.
Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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