Friday, January 25, 2019

The Forthcoming : Love Knows My Name: 9 Romantic Short Stories (Aspiring Love Collection Book 1) : Tyora Moody & Wanda B. Campbell, & more

Sometimes past experiences make a a person feel as if they will never know true love. LOVE KNOWS MY NAME features nine sweet Christian romance short stories from veteran and new authors. Enjoy stories of characters finding love at last.

Working as an ICU nurse offers Kaymar Washington many rewards, but a cure for loneliness isn’t one of them. Patient Johnny Twenty-five changes everything. If only her patient wasn't comatose and knew she exists.

DANCING ON THE MOON by Linda Leigh Hargrove
Dr. Katrina Mason loves teaching college math. It's a rewarding departure from her past vocation as a stripper. When handsome Principal Nate Thomas finds out about her provocative past, will he be inviting her to leave the job? 

LOVE CALLED MY NAME by Alicia Fleming
Sierra Ramsey meets Blaine Johnson in her grief care support group. As their friendship blossoms, will Sierra lets her guard down and learn to love again?

FOR THE LOVE OF YOU by Yolanda Johnson-Bryant
After a failed marriage, Serena Collins was done with relationships, that is until Gerard Nelson. After the prognosis of terminal illness, the couple has to decide if a lifetime of love is worth the little time they have. Certain Gerard is her forever soulmate, Serena is content with the life she’s lived. Will Serena throw away a second chance at love?”

Renee Spencer is running late for work but knows she'll be no good for anyone without her morning coffee from Rose's Coffee Cafe. David Brock is on his way to work when he stops to help a friend. Unbeknownst to Renee, her detour may be fate trying to brighten up her day.

At seventeen, when Candace Parker catches the attention of Michael Taylor, star quarterback of Olive’s high school football team, her world is wrecked and turned upside down. Years later, when she attends the regularly scheduled game night at a friend’s house and there is one guest she is not expecting.

ONE DAY I'LL BE GONE by Leslie K. Howard
Jeanette, a meek young college student gets caught up in a warm, attentive whirlwind named Thomas Watson. But after they marry, everything about Tom changes. When an apocalyptic event rocks Tom’s world and he discovers Jenny is gone, will he finally change for the better?

SPRING BLUES by Annie Johnson
Physical therapist Spring Vaughn is still struggling with a past tumultuous relationship. When DeMarco Blues, a professional football player, becomes her latest patient, she can't deny her attraction. But the last thing she wants is another relationship with an athlete. 

Five years after a rocky divorce, Donna Madison is out on her first date. But when she is stood up by her date, she’s not too upset because a surprise “replacement” date saves the night. Donna can't help but wonder if the unexpected meeting has divine purposes.

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