Saturday, February 25, 2023

New Review : The Black Magician : KayCee Jones

4 out of 5 books


When the ancestors were stolen from Africa, the slave catchers were taking kings, queens, princes, princesses, and doctors. Highly intelligent individuals who carried their knowledge, secrets and gifts with them to America.  THE BLACK MAGICIAN is a tale that portrays the strength, intelligence, and resilience of those who are enslaved. George is such a person, gifted with the ability to read the aura of individuals, he uses this to identify slaves who are mentally strong and highly desire freedom from the bonds of slavery.


With the aid of his grandmother, affectionately referred to as “Granny’ by all, George learns the history of his people, the power he possesses and the secrets of plants and herbs that she learned from her ancestors who were doctors and scientists.  George’s responsibility on the plantation is as a blacksmith. He is recognized by his master for the inventions he made that the master is secretly patenting and selling as his own inventions to maintain income for his plantation. With the help of Indian Red, Master Smith’s lovechild, Shelby who is an abolitionist in Philadelphia, George’s ability to make things with his hands and Granny’s secrets to deceive and escape the slave catcher, those who desire are able to taste freedom.


I enjoyed this book because most people don’t recognize the intelligence and ability of our enslaved ancestors. They were not able to display that knowledge for fear of retaliation, not recognizing that they gathered slaves from different tribes together on plantations so that they can’t speak to each other, and they lack the ability to read the English language. Therefore, there was no means to carry on their native language to future generations.  The book shows how they overcome those barriers to discern and know that they can one day be free.

           Reviewed by Paula Allen 

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