Saturday, February 25, 2023

The Exes : Brandon Massey


3.5 out of 5 books

The day Austin Dash has been regretting has arrived. His ex-wife, Naomi has been released from prison. Austin fears how this will affect his now peaceful life that he has with his wife, Brooke, their children, and his son Khari from his previous marriage to Naomi. Austin is afraid of Naomi who was imprisoned for brutally stabbing him during a jealous episode. There is no cause for the jealous behavior, but this is what Austin dealt with while married to Naomi, delusional, unhinged and violent episodes.  This last incident convinces him that he had to take action to keep him and Khari safe.


His new marriage to Brooke is everything that Austin wanted in life. He and Khari are able to move on and bond with the new family that Brooke and Austin create.  But Naomi wants her family back, both Austin and Khari. She will stop at nothing even including her spooky and crazy family to get what she wants. The antics of Naomi and Austin’s ex-in-laws, takes readers on a ride they won’t forget.


I love Brandon Massey! I will not put this book at the top of his other books but I stayed engaged throughout the book. There are several jaw-dropping moments that will have you wanting to throw the  book or holler at the characters.  A very intriguing read. 

Reviewed by Paula Allen  


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