Saturday, February 25, 2023

New Review : Love, Honor, Betray : Mary Monroe


3.5 out of 5 books

In LOVE, HONOR, BETRAY, we find ourselves back in the lives of Hubert and Jessie Wiggins in the third installment of Mary Monroe’s Lexington Alabama series.  Things pick up right where the second book of the series ended, the serial murders are still plaguing the town with no clue as to who the culprits are. The killings have become more sinister with racial undertones as the victims are no longer young black women but now includes black men who are being hung in trees.  Everyone is afraid and on high alert. This is beneficial for Hubert’s business as the funeral home director, but the potential threat to their lives is instilling fear. Especially considering the Klan may be on the loose and the police investigation is hitting too close to home to the appalling act they are keeping secret.


Hubert has managed to keep his secret affair with his lover Leroy hidden but things change, sending Hubert in a downward spiral. Jessie is dealing with the frustrations of being in a marriage without intimacy. She takes up an affair with a married man who proves to be too much for her.  Will the secrets they share as well as the ones they are keeping from each other be the downfall of their marriage of convenience?

Although I enjoyed my journey with Hubert and Jessie and their messy marriage, I find this book to be a bit repetitive and wordy. The book provides some of the shock value as MRS. WIGGINS, but they are predictable moments as well. You can count on Mary Monroe to bring the drama and I am here for it! 

Reviewed by Paula Allen   



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