Tuesday, May 14, 2024

New Review : Double Lives : Mary Monroe


4 out of 5 books

I took another trip back to Lexington, Alabama where identical twin sisters, Leona and Fiona Dunbar live. The twins are so identical that they can seamlessly switch lives, fooling everyone around them even their own mother. Leona, the more outgoing, sociable twin seems to have trouble and scandal follow her every move to the disappointment of their mother Mavis. To Mavis’ pleasure, Fiona appears quiet and reserve and stay away from the drama that Leona draws.

Their unbreakable bond allows them to navigate life’s challenges together, even when it means Leona taking the fall for Fiona. But when Fiona feels stifled in her passionless marriage and Leona faces heartbreak, they decide to switch places once again. The results are both scandalous and liberating.

Leona discovers unexpected security as a wife and homebody, while Fiona revels in newfound freedom. As they indulge their secret desires, their deepest secrets come to light. The masquerade ignites appetites they never expected, and their small town is rocked by the fallout.

Mary Monroe weaves a thought-provoking tale of moral uncertainty, vividly rendered characters, and unexpected twists. I love visiting the residents of this town in several of Monroe’s novels. Double Lives revealed the selfish intent of one sister and the committed devotion of the other. I wanted the sisters to realize the lopsided bond of love that they had for each other. Their seemingly harmless shenanigans held heavy consequences. A very unique tale that I being a twin myself, thoroughly enjoyed.
Reviewed by Paula Allen



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