Tuesday, May 14, 2024

New Review : The Secret Keeper of Main Street : Trisha R Thomas


5 out of 5 books

In THE SECRET KEEPER OF MAIN STREET, Bailey Dowery is a black dressmaker in the town's best dress shop. She was born with the gift of sight which is a blessing and a curse. With a touch, Bailey can reveal the true loves and intentions of her socialite clients. She glimpses others’ hopes, dreams, nightmares, and even their past and future. Her gift makes her more popular than her skills as a seamstress when rumors start to spread throughout town. Although she is reluctant to use her gift of sight, the monetary gains she receives is needed to help around the house that she shares with her aunt who shies away from allowing Bailey to touch her. Bailey understands that it's because she has secrets that she don't want to share.

When Elsa Grimes, daughter of a wealthy oil magnate, seeks Bailey’s help, the truth unravels. Elsa’s impending society wedding hides dark secrets. As Bailey becomes entangled in a murder investigation, she risks everything to protect those she loves. She also discovers secrets within her own family that will affect the lies of so many. THE SECRET KEEPER OF MAIN STREET offers scandal, intrigue, and unforgettable characters against the backdrop of 1950s Oklahoma. A must-read for fans of mystery and intrigue! 
Reviewed by Paula Allen  

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