Friday, April 27, 2012

NEW REVIEW: Jevon Mack - Love, Song & Dance

Jevon Mack
Love, Song & Dance
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2 out of 5 books

Love, Song & Dance by Jevon L. Mack is the story of Ja'Quan Jones, a 29-year-old who has worked hard to work up the corporate ladder at Kore-Tech Corporation as a personal assistant. Ja'Quan lives a lavish alternative lifestyle that some admire and many envy. Ja'Quan is confident in everything he does, and he knows that he is fine. The clothes he wears are designer, he eats well and has a plush house. The one thing that he has a hard time with is the loss of his best friend Deandre "Dre" Farrington. Years later after guarding his heart, Ja'Quan gets involved with LeShard West and quickly enters into a relationship. Will it last, or will skeletons from his past resurface, making him face some things head on?

Author Jevon Mack weaves together a story of friends and their alternative lifestyles. The story mainly centers on the main character, Ja'Quan, reminiscing on his past, his friends, and how he met each and every person whether that person was a minor character within the story or not. The story was slow in that the author was too detailed in things unneccessary to the story, such as explaining what he ate and what he wore. Also, the timeframe of the story was unclear. With the use of a developmental editor, I am sure this story could have been much better.

Reviewed by Leona of Urban Reviews

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