Friday, April 27, 2012

NEW REVIEW: Bianca Eugene - At Last

Bianca Eugene
At Last
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5 out of 5 books

When it comes to picking men, Keisha has not done a very good job. First was Durran, her first love. She supported him while he was trying to get his music career off the ground. Their "on again, off again" relationship was brought to a halt when Durran got one of his songs on the radio and moved to Atlanta. Even though he wanted her to go, she knew that would be a mistake. Next was her baby's father, Justin. She fell in love with Justin, bipolar and all. Because of his disorder, she had another "on again, off again"  relationship with him as well. The only difference is that she had a child with him, which kept him a part of her life. What Keisha really wanted was a family. That's why she put up with Justin as long as she did. When Justin did the unthinkable by committing suicide, Keisha turned back to Durran. Durran was waiting in the wing because he never stopped wanting Keisha. After a whirlwind of once again dating Durran, Keisha thought her life was taking a turn for the better. However, Durran was still the same old Durran. Keisha was determine to put her life back on track. Therefore another man was the last thing she needed. When she goes to Cliff's barbershop to inquire about a job, falling for the shop owner was the last thing on her mind. The more Keisha got to know Cliff, the more she wanted to believe that he was different from the guys in her past. But will secrets and family cause them to miss out on love?

At Last was an excellent read by Bianca Eugene. Eugene has a flare for writing. She draws you in from the very beginning and holds you hostage there to the very end of the story. The development of the primary and secondary characters was great. The secondary characters were essential to the setting of the main story and she did of awesome job of making the story flow seamlessly. Great read!

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews

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