Friday, April 27, 2012

NEW REVIEW: Marsha Randolph - The Truth About Vashtai

Marsha Randolph
The Truth About Vashtai
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5 out of 5 books

Married for twenty years, Omar and Vashtai Terrace were the picture perfect couple. They had the money and the power. During their marriage, Vashtai was everything for Omar, the kids and their business. After promising that Vashtai could have a spa day with her girls on her 40th birthday, Omar calls Vashtai on the last night of their company celebration and demands she comes home. Vashtai tells Omar that she is not coming, turns off her phone and calls the front desk and adds a “do not disturb” notation to her room. This act of female defiance is considered a dangerous example, which bruised Omar’ego. Being led by his business associates, he retaliates by leaving her and marrying another.

He realizes too late that those same associates who were in his ear were the ones who had an ulterior motive of coveting over what was his. As much as things seem to change, they remain the same. The players and places change, but not much more than that. After Omar divorces Vashtai, she has a few close encounters with men who she would ultimately walk away from early enough so as not to cause too much collateral damage. She picks up in business without missing a beat, but it’s her personal life that is suffering.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t know it just yet. It's when she finds herself alone and in a quiet place that she realizes the truth about Vashtai. Minus the comforts and riches she’s use to, the Holy Spirit reveals the missing link, but she is not ready to embrace that truth. Once she is ready to find her queen-ness, she is ready to do a praise dance. No longer doing everything for others, but still ministering to those she is called to.

Randolph created fully developed characters and a very good plot focus. It was a pleasure to see Vashtai and Omar along with the supporting characters move from one place to another by the end of the story. The characters felt real to me as I watched them through their situations. But the best part was seeing where they would end up. How the author paralleled the bible story within this story really made the book come alive for this reader. But it also made me go back over the biblical story with a new eye. The Truth About Vashtai has definitely changed me and my interactions in my relationships.

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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