Thursday, July 21, 2022

New Review : Bed Stuy : A Love Story : Jerry McGill

4 out of 5 books

BED STUY is a modern day, May/December romance written from a male perspective.  Author Jerry McGill introduces us to Rashid, a young black male, who is a waiter who lacks ambition.  He has also been hired to model for the very famous sculptor Muriel Auslander.  Muriel lives pretty much as a hermit and has a very brooding and miserable disposition. Rashid is able to gauge her moods when he comes to model and adjust his behavior accordingly.  Rashid catches the eye of Rachel, Muriel’s daughter.  Rachel, twenty years his senior, is a musician who is married with two children. 

Rashid and Rachel enter into a clandestine relationship as lovers. Rashid develops strong feelings for Rachel which was surprising seeing that the time they spend together is awkward, dark and depressing. There is no chemistry between the two and  Rashid longs to be included in Rachel’s world but she manages to keep her homelife separate from her secret life with Rashid. As Rachel starts to unravel in depression and substance abuse, Rashid takes notice and starts to question if this is what he wants in life.  Does that include a future with Rachel?

McGill penned a romance that intertwines race, age, substance abuse and trauma. Although the chemistry between the two is lacking, Rashid’s emotions are portrayed in a manner that is raw and touching.  I also enjoyed the growth that he shows as the novel progresses. I found myself rooting for both Rashid and Rachel’s happiness although I felt they did not belong with each other.  BED STUY is a moving, bittersweet tale that will tug at your heart. 
Reviewed by Paula Allen

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