Thursday, July 21, 2022

New Review : Queen of Urban Prophecy : Aya de León


5 out of 5 books

Aya de León slayed the story of Queen of Urban Prophecy. From the first word, Aya took me back to the eighties and nineties when the queens of hip hop were making strides in the industry. Her storyline was relatable as well as common as it pertains to her mother and father’s relationship. The turmoil that Deza and her sister Amaru had to endure in their formative years mirrored the life of the great Mary J. Blige.

Deza was humble and upcoming in the rap industry also known as hip hop. Notoriety knocked on her door when she freestyled a rap song about a young lady whom she called by name was gunned down by the police. She was dubbed by the moniker, Queen of Urban Prophecy. Doors opened for Deza. She was given a grand opportunity which she may not have otherwise received if her labelmate hadn’t taken another business opportunity.

Deza dealt with touring, relationships, chasing the love of her mother who cared more about her man than her children, while she stood up for something to keep from falling from everything. Through the ups and downs, Deza remained respectable and stayed true to herself.

I recommend this read to anyone who truly loves hip hop and our female emcees.

Reviewed by Lacha’ J

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