Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Forthcoming: Cas Sigers - Pieces Of A Man

Cas Sigers
Pieces Of A MAn
June 5, 2007
Who Says a Girl Can't Have it All?
Lily McNeil has what most women want in a relationship; ideal romance, fabulous sex and lots of wealth. However, her perfect mate comes in the form of three different men.


Lily and her romantic man have been a hot item for two years, but lately, his taking her for granted is leaving very little excitement between them. During a much-needed night out with the girls, Lily meets a sexy musician who feeds a side of her that is starved. Soon after she meets a millionaire real estate broker, who offers elaborate gifts and elite social status. Now she must chose between the man she is sleeping with but not dating, the man she is dating but not sleeping with, and the man who offers her the stability she needs.



What’s a girl to do?

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