Friday, June 08, 2007

The Forthcoming: T.T. Henderson - Too Much Hennessey

T. T. Henderson
Too Much Hennessey
June 2007

He dreamed her into life...

Hennessy James Walker lives his life for his music, but must break from his Jazz tour unexpectedly to head to New Orleans and bury his father. In the midst of his misery appears the woman of his dreams...literally.

She wanted him under her spell...

Deja Devine, a renowned New Orleans psychic, knew she wanted Hennessy before she ever knew his name. And now, she'd stumbled across him at his father's funeral looking more magnificent than she remembered. Deja didn't know if she could get a man like Hennessy to stay in one place. All she knew was she was willing to do everything in her considerable powers to try.

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