Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Forthcoming: Various Authors - Never Knew Love Like This Before

Maxine Thompson, Michelle McGriff, and Denise Campbell
Never Knew Love Like This Before
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Katrina Blues by Maxine Thompson: Sparks fly when Deni Richards, a Los Angeles Attorney meets Coleman Blue, a gorgeous displaced New Orleans jazz saxophonist meet in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. At first glance they’re complete opposites, but tragedy brings these two opposites together to find common ground in love.
A Change Of Life by Michelle McGriff: Glenda doesn’t like surprises. Everything about her life is timed perfectly to her specifications. Now, at the age of 46 Glenda discovers she’s expecting her first baby, her perfectly calculated life is thrown into a tailspin. When Glenda breaks the news to her husband Simi, she’s astonished when he instead announces his affair with a young blonde co-worker and plans to file for divorce.
Something New by Denise Campbell: Morgan, a recent divorcé, vows never to fall into the marriage trap again. She fantasizes about love finding her just like it happens in the movies. Her fear of commitment leads her to become involved with three men at the same time. There’s Bruce, a sexy police officer or Troy, who embodies the irresistible and alluring thug life. Then there’s Isaiah, who appears to be her soul mate, or so it seems. Only, he is twenty years her senior.

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