Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Forthcoming: Sherrance Henderson - The Ten Year Date

Sherrance Henderson
The Ten Year Date
Available Now!

Channa Renée Jones is no angel. As a matter of fact, she's far from it. How else can a woman get her date of ten long years to finally commit? Without his permission! Channa's gonna do wrong to get her Mr. Right, and when it's all said and done, what will be left? Despair? Or a long lasting love affair? Kevin Dean Walker, a.k.a Mr. Magnum Size Prophylactic, a.k.a Mr. Magic Stick, a.k.a Mr. Boomerang Love, will finally commit. Mr. Boomerang Love? Absolutely, because the deliciously memorable Kevin Dean Walker has kept Channa coming back for ten years to the same ole thing - a date! Deja, Channa's friend from the peach growing state of Georgia, deciphers the drama that is about to change this chapter in Channa Renée Jones's life forever, while Arnelle, the fair, outwardly looking white sista from Channa's old job, Morgan Pharmaceuticals, shares a little more of her soul while taking Channa on a trip to the crawfish and gumbo capital of the world, New Orleans. She leads Channa to a Voodoo woman, where Channa's deepest desires are made true. But not all seeds are meant to be sown. Will Channa's date of ten years be over? Will her new found power change her fate for the better? Or will all be lost? Will Channa pay with her life to have her ten year date commit? Who knows? Because Kevin Dean Walker has something to hide. Will Channa be too blinded by sex to see through his secrets, and discover that she has being living in Kevin's world of lies? Only time will tell! What's not meant to be, will be.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful delightful novel! I couldn't put The Year Date down. It makes any women look at her relationship and make sure her date is not a Kevin Dean Walker. Much Kudos to Sherrance Henderson. It really is a good book!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you did it, but you managed to blow me away. I will be honest and tell you that I normally don't do the romantic-dramatic novel thing, but you captivated me for two solid days and I could not put the book down. Even hanging out in Rio on the beaches of Copacabana, Channa and all that she was dealing with, was my source of interest. Job well done, my friend. I will certainly look forward to many more pieces of work to come in the future.

Scott L.

Anonymous said...

Let me just start off by saying oh my goodness! This book couldn't have
come at a better time in my life! I just walked away from a dead end
relationship of some years and I started feeling the what ifs! What if I
would've stayed and stuck it out! What if we could've been happily
married later on down the line! After reading this book I felt a little
bit more wiser not to go back. After reading this book I started to see
there was nothing to go back to. He wasn't going to change n I wasn't
going to change him. I was just waisting away my time and effort into a
relationship that really never was! I finally came to realize that all
we ever had together was time! Nothing else, just time, time spent
together, time wasted, basically time dating. The Ten Year Date gave me
the strength to keep myself from making my own ten year date! So again
I'm definitely going to pass this book on to my friends and family
because its an awesome read and a wake up call to all.So kudos to you
again on such a great book and of course I can't wait for your next
book, Girlfriends, How Many of Us Have Them.
Starbucks, Jersey City

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherrence,

I just finished reading The Ten Year Date. It was a true page turner. Gurl every women needs to read this book. My girlfriend is going through this right now...the only difference is she's been dating this guy more like 20 years....counting high school. He is such a player to me but she just doesn't see it. I am giving her Sunshine Has Rain & The Ten Year Date this weekend to read.

When can I expect the trilogy? I can't wait to read it. By the way I have to say that I am disappointed that I read in the Q&A that the trilogy will be your last novel. You are such a great writer but I understand you have other aspirations. I wish you all the best on the baby and your career.


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