Thursday, May 01, 2008

Pics from Day One @ The Jam (Romance Slam Jam 2008)

Below are pics from the Welcome Reception on Thursday Night @ The 2008 Romance Slam Jam a.k.a. The Jam!

Pam Osbey and Radiah

Sylvia Hubbard and Radiah

Wayne Jordan showing off his birthday cake

Barbara Keaton getting everyone's attention at Welcome Reception
Marcia Colette and Patricia Sargeant smile for the camera!

Mia A. Moore and Radiah having a good time.

Radiah cheesing for the Kodak.

Radiah and Kayla Perrin

Various Romance authors gather for the cam.

Random shot from the Welcome Reception

Another random shot from the Welcome Reception

Radiah's is ready for her close up.

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rhonda mcknight said...

Pics look great. Wish I was there. Enjoy every second!