Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Forthcoming: Angela Winters - No More Good

Angela Winters
No More Good
July 29, 2008
Behind the gilded doors of the Chase mansion, national bestselling author Angela Winters propels readers into the moneyed world of African-American royalty and family intrigue-a place where no price is too high to pay...
The last thing Carter Chase wants to do is celebrate-even if the party is in his honor. Being appointed to the Board of his father's multibillion-dollar empire means nothing to him since his fiancé Avery left him. Carter intends to use every available resource-and compromise every moral-to find her and get her back.
Meanwhile, Carter's brother, Michael, has a problem of his own. His relationship with his wife Kimberly has been strained ever since she exposed a shocking secret in his mother's past that nearly destroyed everyone. Now Kimberly faces a new threat from her own past that could cause her to lose Michael forever and destroy the entire Chase legacy. 
Miles away, Avery Jackson tries to put the past behind her. To succeed she will have to make sure the Chase family never discovers the secret she's taken with her. But that may be impossible when an emergency brings her back home and everyone's paths converge when Avery's father, View Park's Chief of Police, is shot.
But it's not just the Chase men who are in turmoil. Oldest daughter Leigh is being publicly wooed by a hot Hollywood star with a fast, self-indulgent lifestyle that places her in danger and changes her life forever. And with the youngest daughter Haley creating scandal after scandal, the family may be in hot water not even their billions can buy them out of.
(Note: This is book 3 of the Chase series by Angela Winters)

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ll said...

I am so excited that the book is coming out in two days! I love the Chase Family and of course the writer Angela Winters. She is the best.

I can't wait to see what is going to happen with Carter and Avery, Kimberly and Michael. I love Carter Chase. Leigh is finally going to start living her personal life. I am so happy for her.

I will post after I read the book July 29th!

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