Monday, July 07, 2008

The Forthcoming: J. Gail - Thugs Are For Fun Part 3

J. Gail
Thugs Are For Fun Part 3
Available July 15, 2008
J.Gail's third and final chapter to the Thugs Are For Fun series.

In this book, Jacy, newly married to Rich, becomes wildly insecure about the way women--both professional and hood--are vying for her man. They are shameless in their attempts to win Rich's heart, but as far as Rich is concerned Jacy has his heart locked up and buried 10 feet deep in the depths of her soul. He just laughs at other women, especially his baby's mother LaTisha and the ever persistent new arrival to the story, Yvonne.

When Jacy tells a little white lie that causes Rich to take a few days to get his head together, it might be just the ticket someone needs to get their grubby little hands on Jacy's man. A twisted series of events causes Jacy and Rich to grow even further apart until the inevitable seems to be occurring. Readers will be held on the edge of their seat as they already know that J.Gail tells a story that doesn't always result in a happy ending. Find out once and for all what will be the fate of two of the most beloved characters in modern urban fiction--Jacy Thomas and Rich Wilkins.

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