Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Forthcoming: Michelle Larks - The Legacies

Michelle Larks
The Legacies
July 29, 2008

In the tale, The Legacies, two young people, Morgan Daniels, and Noah Stephens born of totally different lifestyles, meet and fall in love while en route to their first year of college, each trying to escape their family legacies.
Born to privilege and wealth, Morgan is poised to take over her family's illicit drug empire upon graduation, and Noah's father expects his only son to join him as an assistant pastor in his church after matriculation.
The parents learn the hard way that life doesn't always go as planned and Morgan eventually understands how tribulations make us stronger in the long run.
The Legacies is a testimony of how we are all God's children regardless of our choices, and circumstances in life and how God is forgiving. The story also explores how God sends angels along our way to direct our path.
The Legacies is rich with family drama and touches upon the themes; power-plays, revenge, secrets, forgiveness, and most of all redemption. The story hammers upon how we are all God's children. And when we think life can't get any worse, that we survive life lessons only by his grace and mercy.

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