Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Forthcoming: John H. Sibley - Bodyslick

John H. Sibley
Available Now!
An unforgettable new novel set in the year 2031, where gangs, guns, and genetic engineering rule.
In a world where genetic engineering and organ transplants are booming businesses on the black market, Malcolm Steel, Jr. is king. His turf is Chicago, a city torn apart by the haves and have-nots alike, and Malcolm-known as Bodyslick on the streets-has found a lucrative hustle stealing healthy organs and selling them to desperate, wealthy patients in need of transplants. 
Bodyslick has the connections, the knowledge, and the 9mm laser pistol just in case things get hectic. But with the Italian mob, racist skinheads, and the biggest gang in Chinatown on his case, he is going to need all the help he can get, especially when his old 'hood cutbuddy and rival ganglord get ready to take over the trade by any means necessary.
Now Bodyslick will make one last run to try to get out of the game for good. But some people will do anything and destroy anyone to make sure that the only way he goes out is piece by bloody piece.

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