Saturday, May 14, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Aaron Philip Clark - The Science of Paul

The Science of Paul: A Novel of CrimeAaron Philip Clark
The Science of Paul
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4 out of 5 books

Paul Little is an ex-convict that is just about to get off of probation. Paul does very well while being on probation, never once getting into any trouble. Yet and still, there is a part of Paul that feels lost and angry. Paul decides to walk away from the one woman who has loved him through his ups and downs. The night that he walks out the door, he is met with a string of bad luck. Could it just be a case of being at the wrong place and the wrong time?

Paul has very little money when he walks out, but his plan is to head to his grandfather's land in North Carolina for a fresh start. As he navigates throughout the streets of Philadelphia, a woman accuses him of rape, he is met with a shiesty business deal, his money is stolen, and a murder is committed. Only one of two things are the most likely outcome: prison or death. Paul is determined to make it out of Philadelphia before either happens.

The Science of Paul by Aaron Philip Clark is a story of one man trying to live his life on the straight and narrow but is pulled into the life of crime. Trouble seems to lurk at every corner. The people he thinks that he can trust are the ones he needs to be wary of. Author Aaron Philip Clark has his own unique writing style that will keep you guessing to the very end.

Reviewed by Leona of Urban Reviews

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