Saturday, May 14, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Ebonee Monique - Walk A Mile

Walk a Mile (Peace In The Storm Publishing Presents)Ebonee Monique
Walk A Mile
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Syndee Allen seems to have it all. She is confident, beautiful, has a fantastic career as an ad executive, has money in the bank and doesn't want for much. As we all know, what looks good on the outside is not always the case on the inside.

Isn't it funny how some folks are quick to judge someone by their outward appearance? For instance, if a woman wears something a little short or a blouse too revealing, she is automatically labeled a slut. If a man isn't dressed to the nines or is driving a beat up vehicle, he is assumed to be a bum? How ironic that those same people who make assumptions of others are so quick to throw stones, not realizing that they are throwing them at glass houses. My point is to not make assumptions by someone's outward appearances because you have no idea what that person may be going through. They may be going through their own personal hell.

Such is the case with Syndee. Syndee has her own demons and personal hell that she has tried hard to block from dealing with. When the women at her new job meet her, they instantly dislike her. Her only true friend is her cousin. Syndee has one man that is clamoring for her affections, another she is in total lust over, another that admires her from afar, and an ex that is angry at how she ended things. Syndee is in search of happiness, but with all the drama surrounding her life, she will be blindsided by deception.

Walk A Mile by Ebonee Monique was a very good read. Ms. Monique pens a novel of betrayal, sex, lies and alibis. The author does a fantastic job of showing emotion through her characters. There are many underlying messages within the story. Aside from the editing issues, I would definitely recommend this novel.

Reviewed by Leona by Urban Reviews

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