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NEW REVIEW: Kai - The Loudest Silence

5 Star Publications Presents: The Loudest SilenceKai
The Loudest Silence
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At some point, everyone has been or is in a relationship where one or both people play the blame game. This would be the game where they place the blame on hurtful situations. Things are said or done on the current state of their relationship. This is usually the reason why there is hate or animosity built up, and either anger is on the horizon or silence is the norm. Someone is usually walking around on eggshells not wanting to set the other off. Neither person knows how to work through the issues of the past nor being able to talk about it without yelling and screaming.

Such is the case with married couples Terrance & Lani and Christopher & Kenya. Terrance and Kenya have been friends since childhood. They view each other as brother and sister...well, at least one of them thinks so. Little does the other know that one has always been in love with the other and decides to cross that line of friendship one evening, never once thinking of the consequences of what that act may ensue. This one night is the night that will forever change the course of both of their marriages. Neither of them could have ever imagined the reaction they would receive from their actions.

The Loudest Silence by Kai is a novel that anyone can relate to, mainly because of the emotions that evoke from the pages. Author Kai does a fantastic job in portraying the feelings of the characters, and displaying the hurt and pain in a realistic story. Author Kai is a talented writer, and even though this story is different from her first novel, Daughter Of the Game, The Loudest Silence is definitely one I would also recommend reading.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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