Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Amore - The Temptation of Love

The Temptation Of LoveAmore
The Temptation of Love
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4.5 out of 5 books

Alexander Love has just landed a partnership at his law firm. All the focus he has placed on building his career has paid off. When his mother plans a family BBQ to celebrate his promotion, he does not expect to meet his soulmate. Jada Whitman is a film producer and good friend of Alex's cousin, Ami. When Jada lays her eyes on Alex, she knows she is in big trouble. After spending time together, Alex is convinced that he wants Jada in his life; he just doesn't realize how much. Jada is far more reluctant. She is fighting her feelings for Alex because she knows he is the kind of man that you can't walk away from if you get in too deep. Jada has had a lot of hardship in her life, which has caused her to shy away from serious relationships. However, Alex is making it very hard for her to keep her "no falling in love rule" in tact. Once Alex and Jada's relationship starts to blossom, in walks a blast from Alex's past. Will Alex's love and Jada's growing ability to trust be enough to keep these two together?

The Temptation of Love was a very good book. Amore does a wonderful job of developing the primary and secondary characters. There were a lot of characters that were introduced, and she did an excellent job of describing how they all fit together. She also does a fantastic job with imagery. She paints a beautiful picture of how close knit the Love family is. There was one scene in the book that I had a hard time buying into. This scene was the only reason that I didn't give the book a 5 star rating. Other than that, The Temptation of Love is one to add to your must read list.

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews

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